It Was the Grim Castle of Despair

No flag was flying, emblazoned with that legend, "Hope."

In "Howard! 1900 A.D.," explore Rhode Island's social welfare history through colorized and restored photographs that bring over a century of stories to life. This collection includes rare images of the Asylum for the Insane, the State Prison, and other key institutions, shedding light on the lives behind their walls.

Insights from Dr. Henry Aaron Jones, the State Infirmary's first medical superintendent, complement the visuals with narratives of the era's social challenges. These accounts from his 1943 book 'The Dark Days of Social Welfare' provide context to the scenes captured in the images.

Over a hundred years in the making, "Howard! 1900 A.D" captures both the settings and the personal struggles for dignity of those who lived and worked in these historic Rhode Island institutions.


Howard! 1900 A.D.

By Jason R. Carpenter

'Howard! 1900 A.D.' explores Rhode Island’s institutional history, featuring restored photos of the State Prison and Asylum for the Insane with insights from Dr. Henry Aaron Jones.

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Hardcover: 76 pages
Classification: Non-Fiction, History, Photography
Published: 2024
ISBN: 978-0-9825049-2-5

Discover the haunting legacy of Rhode Island's
historic institutions.


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