The Ladd School


The Ladd School

Photographs, 35mm Slides

A Kaleidoscope of Life at The Ladd School

This exhibit features a collection of nearly a thousand 35mm slides, documenting life at The Ladd School during the mid-20th century. These photographs, taken between 1958 and 1976, provide a unique look into the everyday experiences within the institution. Highlights include ceremonial events such as groundbreakings and Independence Day parades, as well as everyday activities like kite derbies, picnics, and ward parties.

The collection also captures personal moments, including candid shots of Dr. Ladd, a man posing with his cow, and a clown feeding a paraplegic man. Additionally, there are rare glimpses inside and outside some of the oldest buildings, a search for a missing child, holiday celebrations, pageants, and carnivals.

Although we may not know the names of the photographers or the exact dates of these images, they offer valuable insights into the community life at The Ladd School. This collection preserves the memories and experiences of those who lived and worked there.

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 Collection Details

Over 1,000 full-color 35mm slides on Kodachrome, Ansochrome, and Ektachrome film.

1950s — 1980s
1,000+ slides, 2"x2"
Fair to Very Good, digitally restored
The Ladd School

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